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2022 Autocar DC-64R Featuring Galfab Roll off

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Available Now!

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Available Now!

This AUTCAR DC-64R (For refuse) is ready to work. With the “Ultimate Power of One” body integration, this truck comes from the factory with a Galfab Roll-off. This spacious and functional cab, on an innovated chassis provides the user SUPERIOR DRIVABILITY.

Also featuring Autocar’s 7-Inch ‘Always Up’ display, gain access to all diagnostic, fault tracing, wiring diagrams, right from the screen. All Telematics information is sent through the Always Up display, which enables quick diagnostic on the road, to avoid costly towing, road service, and down time when possible.

This truck comes with:

BEST IN CLASS Driver visibility- Wrap around windshield, rear corner wrap around windows for superior rearward view.

Most Durable Cab structure- All steel construction with aluminum castings in key areas for strength, and weight savings, 200+ years in the vocational industry, door structure built to support 450 lbs of weight.

Industry’s toughest frame rails- Only vocational truck with 160000 PSI yield strength frame material, 11.25″ High strength steel frame rail eliminates the need for liners, which saves weight (Best in Class).

BEST IN CLASS Routing and Clipping- Autocar sets the standard in best in class system, durability, protection, and serviceability. All battery cables are routed by themselves to avoid rubbing, Improved routing away from frame flange to avoid dirt build-up, Water sealed connectors used everywhere, All electrical harnesses routed away from fuel lines to reduce likelihood of a thermal event. Also the Hellerman Titan clamping system supports the harness every 12″ to prevent rubbing and chaffing.

Easy steering effort and Maneuverability- With dual M100 Sheppard steering boxes, and a better turning radius, enjoy lowest steering effort, reduced cycle time, and increased jobsite safety.

Don’t miss your chance to put this truck to work for you!


Stop in and check this truck out, or give us a call at 613.933.6459.
Also, Financing options are available.

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  • Galfab Roll off
  • Cummins X12 410HP / 2000RPM / 1450 LB-FT
  • 4500 Series 6-Speed Allison transmission
  • 20000 LB front axle
  • 46000 LB rear axle
  • 5 year 300000 Mile (482800 KM) Extended Engine warranty (Cummins)
  • 5 year 300000 Mile (482800 KM) Extended Aftertreatment warranty (Cummins)

Robert Harris – Via Facebook

I would like to thank the folks at Commercial truck repair for their help in getting me back on the road quickly and at a reasonable​ cost. Roadside assistance, replacing of the alternator and fixing a broken wire on the headlight !! Well done and highly recommend.